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At the time of “war” of Mahabharata had come to an end, Sri Vedha Viyasar had uttered many principles about governing the people and about the almighty nature. The “sahasranamam” gives the meaning “thousand names”. Sri Vedha Viyasar had uttered this. This portion of “Sri Vishnu Shahramam” comes and finds place in the part of “ANUSANICA PARVATHA”.

When the great warrior “Bhimsachariyar” was in arrow-bed which was made by Arjuna. One of the five brothers of pandavas. Arrow bed defined here is really an attack through thousands of arrows at war field. Arjuna had to use this weapon upon his beloved Bhismachary since he was in the enemy’s regiment. It was arrow bed as well as death bed. Sri Bhimsa gave many instructions about “Dharma Rajya” or justful nation to “Maharaja Dharma” the eldest one of pandavas brothers. Among the instructions Sri Bhisma told about the duties of a king, and explained how to rule the country with good administration. A part from this Sri Bhisma uttered in the death-bed looking for “Dhakshinayana time” where the souls would go to heaven and moksha. Sri Bhisma told with the pious nature of omni present of “ Lord Maha Vishnu”. Among which “Vishnu Sahasranamam had notable verses.

When Sri Bhisma was uttering noble advices Raja Dharma asked a few questions. They were

1. Which is the supreme God?

2. Which God deserves to surrender?

3. Which God gives special benefits?

4. Which God gives blissful things through worship?

5. Which is true justice among all kind of justices?

6. Which is the God’s name by chanting that all the living things attain liberation?

To all these questions Sri Bhisma answered in a single term “Vishnu Sahasranamam”. Many holy sages like Sri Ramanuja, Adi Shankara, Sri Ragavendhra and Sri Parasara pattar had written in a grand manner about this unique script. Another admirable thing was Lord Krishna there near by Sri Bhisma while uttered this thousand sacred names of “Mahavishnu”.

By chanting this holy script, diseases would come to an end. Wealth would flourish. Knowledge about the Almighty would arise. Long life could be achieved. A devotee who chant this mantra would be blessed with good children.

Slogan no: 1 One who wears the pure-white dress; one who invades in everything; one who has lustrous light like that of full moon; one who is having four-hands; one who is possessing the ever-lasting pleasure in his face, to that one, one should meditate to avoid all kinds of obstacles.

Slogan no: 2 The son of the great saint Parasara and the father of the great “shugar” a unique saint, and the grand son of “Vashita” another big saint, and the grand son of “Shakthi” or Almighty, and the person who is leading lonely, holy and a simple life without Flemish called Viyasa to that person worship and salute.

Slogan no: 3 One who has the nature of “ the treasure of Vedas”; one who has the form of Lord Vishnu, the same lord Vishnu appears in the form of saint Viyasar; worship and pay salutation. To the one who came in the tradition of saint Vashita again worship and pay tribute.

Slogan no: 4 One who doesn’t changes his nature, one who is always in pure form, and who have no destruction and one who can not be won but can win everything and one that persuvades in everything that is acclaimed as Lord Vishnu worship and pay tribute.

Slogan no: 5 By thinking whom one who get relieves from birth and death, to that almighty lord Vishnu pay salute and worship.